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Himno The Silent Melody Free Download

On this page you will find information aboutΒ Himno The Silent Melody and how you can download the game for free.Β Here, you can also track the crack status of this game. Himno – The Silent Melody is an atmospheric roguelite RPG. Use resources gathered from different environments, create your unique arsenal and base, and remove corruption from this silent world without corrupting yourself.


Free Download


Himno The Silent Melody Free Download

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Himno – The Silent Melody expands the entire world of the peaceful game Himno.

You play as Fash, an intrepid Guardian Explorer who has seen this world fall. Now after hundreds of years, Fash must bring together the other guardians and restore that world of light and color.

Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange machines, beautiful procedurally generated maps, and surprises. Craft powerful gear, find other explorers and save this old world.

Key Features:

  • Silent World Exploration:
    • Emotional Soundtracks and Vibrant Visuals:
      • Randomly Generated Biomes:
        • Melodic & Smooth Combat:
          • Build Your Arsenal:
            • Build Mode:
              • NPCs & Lore:
                • Additional Features:

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