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On this page you will find information aboutΒ Chaos Brigade and how you can download the game for free.Β Here, you can also track the crack status of this game. Chaos Brigade is an arcade platform-shooter space odyssey where you control a team of six space exterminators and lead them in the ultimate space cleanse. Wipe out the enemies with your arsenal, but don’t overdo or you’ll risk destroying the spaceships you are meant to save in the first place!


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Chaos Brigade Free Download

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Lead the Chaos Brigade, a team of fearless space exterminators, in their quest to cleanse the galaxy from the filth of evil aliens races.

In this retro-arcade-platform-shooter you will assault drifting spaceships, wipe out the invaders and claim your reward.

But be careful! Your weapons can damage the spaceship you are meant to save and can ultimately cause its destruction!

Kill the aliens, save the spaceship, earn Bitcoins!

  • Command 6 exterminators, each with unique gameplay and tools of destruction.
  • Interact with spaceships’ rooms: purge fires, open barred doors, activate defense turrets and prevent the ship from self-destructing!
  • 8 alien races to fight, each with their own gameplay and strategies.
  • Use your controller to aim at your foes and kill them! But don’t miss or you’ll damage the spaceship…
  • Critical decisions: choose carefully which exterminator to send into a mission (as death is (almost!) permanent), plan you attack on each spaceship and ponder when to activate the powerful Paradox Engine, a one-use-per-run machine that freezes a single instant and can then be activated to restore the continuum of space and time. You might even twist your timeline and revive dead exterminators with it…
  • Spaceships can be damaged by the aliens and by the exterminators aswell!
  • Earn Zipcoins, should you emerge victorious from a mission. Or be prepared to pay a hefty fine should you fail…
  • Non-Linear experience unfolding on 120 spaceships in danger.
  • Low Res Pixelfest!
  • Original synthwave soundtrack.
  • Branching finales, depending on which exterminators survived the gauntlet of missions…
  • 100% created solo-developed game.
  • The creator was never able to complete his own game without cheating. Will you?

Chaos Brigade is a mix between the paranoia of the old classic Xenophobe and the sheer destruction of Broforce.
Be brave and determined, but mind what you fight for: Glory and Bitcoins!

Rule #1: kill all the aliens.
Rule #2: don’t destroy the ship!

NB. You will not really gain Bitcoins. What were you thinking!!!




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