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American Theft 80s Free Download

On this page you will find information aboutΒ American Theft 80s and how you can download the game for free.Β Here, you can also track the crack status of this game. It’s the 80s. Steal vhs players, tapes, classic cars, and if you get caught, outrun the police!


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American Theft 80s Free Download

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It’s the 80s, so put on your nostalgia glasses (even if you weren’t there)!
From the creators of Thief Simulator.
Every house, bank, shop and museum can be robbed with the right tools, you just have to know how to do it.
Earn your way up in a county full of corruption and crime while discovering what the residents are hiding.

That’s right, if you see a house, bank or a shop you can get inside, but learn about the tenants first. You don’t want to get caught.

Remember VHS, cassette players and CRT TVs? No? Well now you can get to know them. Tenants will surely share them with you, albeit not knowingly.

Earn cash and reputation in the underground world filled with corruption and crime.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is get in the car and drive as fast as possible. But be careful, the cops are not playing around and will chase after you.
Make sure to bribe the police to avoid being wanted.

There are many classic styled minigames available. Beat the highscores and get achievements for it!

Use tools like crowbar, bolt cutters or lockpicks to help you in your jobs.

– steal from houses, trailers, banks, shops, mansions and more
– use lockpicks, crowbars and other tools to break in
– finish shady jobs for cash and reputation
– drive around seamless sandbox
– buy and steal cars
– buy houses and decorate them
– disguise yourself as an electrician or a policeman to fool tenants




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